Why SCS?

SCS Unloading is distinct in the managed labor industry...

because we merge technology with incentivized manpower to provide a superior workforce. Our unique performance-based pay system combined with proprietary labor-management software enables our workers to be 30% more productive.

At SCS, we manufacture productivity by finding the right people, training them effectively and holding them accountable while incentivizing both productivity & accuracy in a safe work environment. Our Proactive Leadership Team and the DOCKlink® Labor Management System are the key ingredients to our success.

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Effective Recruiting

Effective recruiting requires a thorough understanding of each job function and the performance incentives that drive productivity. We identify & screen applicants daily to maintain staffing levels in accordance with volume fluctuations.

  • Employment Eligibility

    Background Checks • 10-panel drug screens • E-Verify

  • Physical Capability

  • Previous warehouse experience

  • Literacy & attention to detail

  • Personal scheduling flexibility

aggressive training

Aggressive training is about teaching the necessary skills while emphasizing focus & hustle. We develop our new-hires to reach minimum accuracy & production goals by the end of their first week while reinforcing standards for experienced team members.

  • FTC approved HIPAA certification

  • Designated paid trainers for new-hires

  • Proper techniques & pace

  • Best practices for accuracy

  • Pallet & fork truck safety training

  • Daily evaluation with supervisor for 1st week

  • Weekly evaluations with supervisor for 2nd – 4th weeks

  • On-going refresher training for experienced team members

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Individual accountability

Individual accountability is critical to achieving timely quality results. The DOCKlink® Labor Management System enables us to combine real-time performance tracking with quick responsive coaching.

  • Real-Time Load/Order Status & Details

  • Load/order assignments by team member

  • Load/order trend analysis reports

  • KPI reports breaking down time stamps

  • Audit driven balanced scorecarding

Immediate Incentives

Immediate incentives keep all team members hungry to produce throughout each shift. The hybrid pay feature of DOCKlink® allows us to base rewards on individual efforts while preserving the flexibility of a team and provides feedback after the completion of each work assignment.

  • Individual payouts by load/order

  • Payouts based on load/order difficulty

  • Earnings report printed after each load/order

  • Prorated payouts when working as a small team

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Dynamic Safety

Dynamic safety involves continual active pursuit of safe work habits through training, observing, and coaching.

  • Safety orientation

    Proper lifting technique • Personal protective equipment • Lock out – tag out • Hazardous materials safety • Bloodborne pathogens • Emergency evacuation • Accident reporting

  • OSHA certified fork & pallet truck training

    Classroom training & testing • Practical training & testing • Yearly refresher training • 3-year recertification

  • Weekly safety meetings

  • Individual safety audits

  • Safety committee

Proactive leadership

Proactive leadership drives all of these processes while delivering exceptional service to our customer in a positive work environment.

  • Always on-site Operations Manager

  • Supporting supervisors for each dock & shift

  • Strong internal & external communication skills

  • Leadership experience in an incentive based warehouse environment

  • Weekly evaluation for continuous improvement

  • 24/7 Regional Management support

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