Our method

how we do it better

SCS uses the best of both worlds in a hybrid labor management system. This system has proven to be 30% more productive than team or individual pay systems. We achieve this with patent-pending software provided by DOCKlink® – the leading labor-management software in the industry.

forge productivity illustration

greater productivity

  • We maximize labor utilization; no one waits for a work assignment

  • Our employee productivity is 30% greater – our team members work faster and have more accountability

  • You get a better turn on doors and orders

  • You receive a larger rebate

key performance indicator

  • We time stamp the load/order process from start to finish

  • We use audit-driven balanced score carding to drive:

    Safety • Productivity • Quality • Customer Satisfaction

immediate incentives graphic
merge technology illustration

Detailed reporting

  • Analyze load/order time breakdowns

  • Evaluate vendor and carrier performance

  • Identify process flow issues

  • Compare costs and rebates

operational diversity

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