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You can’t manage in real-time what you can’t measure in real-time.

Labor utilization is maximized through “the best of both worlds” hybrid incentive pay feature – maintaining the maximum productivity of individual pay while preserving the flexibility of team pay.

DOCKLink® is a unique continually developing specialized software that allows managers to more efficiently match available labor to immediate and ever-changing needs.

DOCKLink® gives you a real-time look at what’s happening at each dock door along with all the KPI’s to measure increasing productivity and continual process improvement.

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Labor Management System

The DOCKlink® system enables real-time adjustments for better dock flow & more frequent door turns, including time tracking for appointment, driver approval, unload start, unload finish, bills signed, and driver released.

Hybrid Pay Plan

Multiple team members can be assigned to individual loads while the pay is prorated according to time invested, preserving the flexibility of a team pay system while driving up productivity with individual pay rewards. This system has proven to be 30% more productive than strict team or individual pay systems.

Carrier & vendor compliance reporting

Exception reports are available by Carrier and Vendor as a tool for vendor corrections.

Key performance indicator reporting

Detailed breakdowns of all time-stamping drive continual process improvement.

Balanced Scorecards

Audit-driven balanced scorecarding ensures a healthy balance of safety, productivity, quality, and customer service at all times. Internal audit data and objective performance measurements are combined to show operational balance successes & opportunities.

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